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I have always been interested in beauty and how it can be conveyed. I have been working in the beauty industry for 20 years. I started as a hairdresser, and then the cosmetician-medical cosmetics profession is where I found My passion. To this day, I am constantly learning and introduce the most up-to-date treatments into my job. Whether it is facial problems, wrinkles, cellulite, loose skin, or only the desire to relax. I try to offer the most appropriate treatment for everyone with modern, globally recognized products rich in active ingredients.

My goal is to find a solution to the cosmetic and beauty problems of the guests who come to me to beautify their skin, recharge themsleves and feel good through the treatments.

In this way, I not only beautify Your skin, but also their everyday life it completely individually according to the skin type. I don’t have standard treatments because there are as many needs-based treatments and care as there are guests.

I combine MODERN TECHNOLOGY WITH TRADITIONAL, HIGH-TECH MATERIALS WITH NATURAL ONES during my services, so I am waiting for you with even more efficient and modern services!

While you stay with me at that time, I only deal with you, it’s about you!
We will discuss in detail what you want, and then I will tell you what I recommend, which is the best for your skin in order to achieve the desired result.

I will give you advice how to take care of your skin properly in the period between treatments until we meet again.

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Viola Golubov


The face and décolletage massage tightens the skin, relieves the symptoms of fatigue and creates fresh, youthful skin. Due to its stress-relieving effect, it is relaxing and recommended for everyone who wants to relax. Its duration is 30 minutes.


Healthier, tighter, fresher facial skin.

A deep tissue massage. The goal is to work the connective tissue and the muscles of the face, neck and decolletage, while causing a strong blood flow.

The massage penetrates deep into the tissues of the skin and stimulates the metabolism of the cells, thereby starting detoxification in the tissues and increasing the production of collagen. The face will be smoother and more relaxed, fine lines will disappear. By stimulating the meridians and reflex points located on the head and face, we achieve a favorable result, which gives us more vibrant, fresher, healthier and tighter skin. Its beneficial effect can also be felt on our balance because it is relaxing, uplifting, harmonizing and energizing. It is recommended for everyone. Its effect remains noticeable even after days.

Period: 30 minutes

It is recommended with active ingredients for people over 40


Lymphatic massage, also known as lymphatic drainage/lymphodrainage, is a special massage that stimulates and activates the functioning of the lymphatic system and the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system. During the massage, I start the proper flow of lymph by massaging the lymph points on the soles. Then, after the lymphatic gates are opened, fat breakdown begins i.e. the removal of fat and toxins from the fat depots into the blood circulation. This is why drinking plenty of fluids is vital! This application can be performed on one area of the body or on the entire body surface, which can already be measured in centimeters after several treatments. It is extremely spectacular, and after that the skin becomes tight, elastic and cellulite-free. Of course, it is necessary to follow other lifestyle advice. With this special massage technique and tools, abnormally accumulated fat, toxins, body fluids and other toxins are removed between the tissues. Then the anti-cellulite massage cream stimulates blood and lymph circulation, through which all this is removed through the guts and kidneys.

Lymphatic massage is a special area in the world of massage that improves lymph drainage, eliminates lymphatic stagnation, activates the immune system, stimulates the removal of waste products, the regeneration of cells and tissues, reduces inflammation, and helps heal existing inflammations and wounds.

Due to its very pleasant calming, tension-relieving and extraordinary healing effect, it has become more and more popular in recent years.
Cellulite is common not only in overweight or elderly people, but also in thin young women. The reason for this is insufficient and inappropriate exercise, stress, heredity, hormonal factors, contraceptives and “bad fuel” taken in with food. With this special massage technique and tools, abnormally accumulated fat, toxins, body fluids and other toxins are removed between the tissues.

Beneficial effects of lymphatic treatment:

• improves general well-being
• relieves tension
• pain reduction
• increasing the ability to concentrate
• for sleep disorders
• after a stroke
• in case of asthma (mild)
• for ringing in the ears
• for colds
• to alleviate hay fever
• for headache migraine
• for hair loss
• for swellings
• for connective tissue problems

• for eczema
• for osteoporosis
• for ronchitis upper respiratory tract inflammation
• for colon inflammation
• to dissolve fat knots (if not already packed)
• for leg ulcer
• for bloating
• for breast tension
• for menstrual problems
• for bumps, breaks
• for surgical scars
• for joint wear and tear
• recommended after surgeries, radiotherapy, trauma

Recommended for everyone.
Period: 60-90 minutes


Cavitation fat reduction is a completely customizable slimming procedure, during which we can perform permanent and targeted shaping on the most problematic body parts like the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and upper arms. Cavitation fat reduction is effective, so results can be seen even after 1 treatment! Ultrasonic fat reduction acts directly on the fat cells (located in the treated area). We choose the location of the treatment ourselves, so we can shape exactly the part of our body where the fat pads are the most disturbing, be it the abdomen, buttock, inner thighs, buttocks, or even the arm. The excess will only disappear from the desired places, from where we do not want, we will not lose weight. The treatment is especially effective for guests with a thicker layer of fat, because it also reaches the deeper fat cells.

The scientific background of cavitation

The newest and most effective method, which breaks down fat accumulated in deeper layers using low frequency. As a result of the focused ultrasound, high-pressure air bubbles are created around the fat cells, which, as soon as they reach the wall of the fat cells, explode them immediately. The ultrasound wave operating at a special frequency (at 40 kHz) of the cavitation fat burning device creates uniform, controlled and repetitive micro-sized vacuum bubbles in the space between the cells. This is a consumer cosmetics treatment cavitation.

Thus, during cavitation fat burning, this places the fat cells under excessive pressure and destroys them. The exploded fat cells enter the bloodstream, then enter the lymph circulation, from there they are transported to the liver, where they are broken down. It is generally accepted that the cavitation treatment works by breaking down fat cells and permanently reducing their number, rather than by temporarily emptying the fat stores. For this reason, the effect of the cavitation cure is long-lasting, as the fatty tissues are actually removed.

It is essential to drink 2-3 liters of liquid per day for emptying. During the duration of the treatments, it is necessary to follow a low-carbohydrate diet and half an hour of daily exercise is recommended. The treatments can be repeated 1-2 times a week, as the body needs time to remove fats and toxins. A given body surface can be treated again after a minimum of 72 hours of rest, but 7 days is considered optimal. The home application of a blood-enhancing cream and natural collagen increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

By nature, cavitation has a selective effect, it is merciless against the fat cells under the skin, while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. The treatment is not painful, the only disturbing factor can be the peculiar sound effect resulting from the application of cavitation technology. It is also recommended to use techniques that stimulate lymphatic circulation, because they help to remove the substances created after the breakdown of fat cells. In our salon, we use a vacuum massage for this, which helps the fat to enter the lymph and blood stream much more intensively. With its application, the treated skin surface becomes even smoother, more flexible and younger.

Cavitation fat reduction is a maximally safe and scientifically supported technology that provides convincing and long-lasting results. By nature, cavitation has a selective effect, it is merciless against the fat cells under the skin, while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. Cavitation fat reduction intervenes in problematic areas of the body (which do not respond to diet or exercise) in a way that was previously unimaginable with traditional treatments.

Duration of treatment

A treatment consists of 6-10 treatments on average, and each treatment should not exceed 40 minutes. Cavitation fat reduction can only be used in the following areas: arms, abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs. During one treatment, a body area can be treated for maximum 20 minutes, so it can occasionally touch two areas. The achievable result depends on the guest’s condition and willingness to cooperate. In general, it can be said that during one treatment, one or two clothing sizes can be reduced in the treated area.

The treatment is applicable:

• For shaping
• For skin tightening
• To remove orange skin
• To reduce fat pads
• To reduce the circumference of body parts

Contraindications for cavitation fat burning

• Menstruation
• Hypertension
• Major heart disease, Pace-maker
• Wounds in the treated area
• Liver dysfunction
• Kidney dysfunction
• Tumor disease
• Untreated diabetes
• Myocardial atherosclerosis
•Internal and middle ear complaints / due to the intolerance of the noise of the treatment •Infectious diseases
• A feverish state
• Bone tuberculosis
• Chronic damage to the central nervous system
• Autoimmune diseases
• Epilepsy
• Metal prosthesis
• Metal spiral
• Pregnancy, breastfeeding

Cavitation fat reduction can be combined with other shaping techniques, so we can increase the effectiveness of the treatments. Radiofrequency, vacuum, lipolaser, cryolipolysis and lymphatic massage treatments are also available in my salon.
Detailed information on the combined consumer treatments can be obtained during a personal consultation, after assessing the guest’s condition in accordance with personalized needs.


The regenerating treatments include peeling, a relaxing face, neck, head, shoulder, decolletage massage, and a face pack suitable for the skin type. An hour of pampering for physical and mental recharge.

Deep cleansing includes cleaning and regeneration of the face ( with massage and face packing ). I use high-quality cosmetics for each treatment, depending on the skin type. The creams ensure that the skin is perfectly hydrated and restores its healthy youth.

HydraFacial treatment

HydraFacial is one of the most modern, non-invasive (needle and scalpel-free), skin resurfacing facial treatments. It combines deep cleansing, peeling, hydration and antioxidant protection in a single machine, making the facial skin fresh and radiant again very efficiently and painlessly.

It is recommended on a monthly basis, but there is a visible change even after one session. It is worth supplementing the results of the treatment with home skin care.

Its duration is from 30 to 90 minutes as needed.


Currently, one of the most effective fat burning treatments is fat freezing. It quickly, visibly and permanently removes unwanted fat pads. We recommend it to those who have stubborn fat pads that are resistant to diet and exercise (e.g. abdomen, arms, waist, outer or inner thighs). One treatment leads to the destruction of 26% of the fat cells in the treated area, thus dramatically reducing the size of the fat pad. The procedure is painless and does not require a diet and that is why it is extremely popular.
Recommended once every 3-4 weeks, 4-5 times in total.

More about fat freezing

Fat freezing is based on the discovery that fat cells are particularly sensitive to cold. This is due to the fact that they are less resistant to cold than the surrounding tissues. Thus, cell death can occur selectively. The result depends on the cooling time and the cooling temperature. The longer the time and the lower the temperature, the more fat tissue we can break down. An antifreeze cloth must be used in the treated area. This special liquid-soaked, prepackaged, single-use cloth protects against frostbite. Fat cells undergo apoptosis (cell death), which generates local inflammation. This inflammatory process stimulates the natural breakdown of fat cells, which continues for months after the treatment. Cryolipolysis fat breaking technology is currently recognized as an alternative to liposuction.


•There are no side effects
•Safe and natural
•A few treatments are sufficient depending on the expected result
•You don’t need diet and sports to be effective
•The amount of fat will be reduced locally from where it is needed
•Up to 26% fat reduction after 1 treatment
•It works for everyone

The treatment:

We can install one or two operating heads at the same time. A treatment head represents an area approximately the size of two palms. The machine uses a vacuum to suck up the unwanted excess. Thanks to the different vacuum modes, the treatment is painless even for more sensitive guests. Freezing takes 60 minutes, which ensures the best results. Fat cells need at least this much time so that the breakdown process can start after the appropriate temperature has been reached. After the treatments, the treated area may be slightly swollen and red for 1-2 hours. It has no side effects. After the treatment, the result can be seen in about 2-3 weeks, but it will improve even after that for weeks. Usually, depending on the thickness of the fat tissue, 3-6 treatments are sufficient. We recommend at least 4 sessions, after which we measure the success of the result. The emptying of fat cells is natural and continuous, the final development of the results takes place after 2-4 months. A reduction of 6-15 cm is expected after four sessions. Since fat cells that have undergone apoptosis are removed via the lymphatic system, we recommend the use of a lymphatic massage machine as a supplement in order to make the process faster and more efficient.


•Liver issues
•Raynaud’s syndrome
•Severe hives (cold urticaria)
•Cryoglobulinemia (excessive precipitation of white blood cells)
•Low protein levels (hypoproteinemia)
•Paroxysmal cold haemoglobinuria (cold causes blood cells to disintegrate)
•Severe diabetes
•Not recommended for under 18s
•Pregnant and lactating women
•Damaged skin surface
•Keloid scarring

Duration: 60 minutes + 30 minutes lymph massage as an option
Recommended occasions: 4-5
Recommended frequency: every 3-4 weeks

Radiofrequency facial treatment

As age progresses, the activity of fibroblast cells that produce collagen, elastin and other proteins gradually decreases. As a result, the skin increasingly loses its firmness and elasticity, fine lines deepen into wrinkles and the skin becomes loose and sagging.
Fortunately, the process can be stopped and even reversed. With advanced radio frequency technology, we create selective thermal damage, causing the collagen fibers to contract as a spontaneous effect, resulting in an immediate skin tightening effect. In the longer term, fibroblasts are activated along the breaks in the collagen fibers, forming new collagen and elastin structures.
During the procedure, the feeling of treatment is incredibly pleasant, which is one of the greatest achievements of the new technology. The synergistic effect of precisely controlled radio frequency top technology and LED light technology creates a complex system that ensures fantastic treatment results.
The face gradually regains its elasticity, the depth of wrinkles decreases, giving the face a new, wonderfully youthful glow. It is worth participating in the treatment as a cure.
The complete face-lift program means 6 sessions, approx. 1-1 per week with a 30-minute treatment.


Fat dissolution using lipo-diode-laser

The lipolaser, like the cavitation ultrasound, is also a new achievement in medical aesthetics. The lipolaser is a non-invasive (no cutting or piercing) intervention, which was developed to combat local fat tissue that is difficult to reduce. Lipolaser technology uses low-level laser light (635nm-660nm) to reduce fat.

Mechanism of action:

It penetrates the fat tissue through the skin, during which small pores open, through which the content of the fat cell, which is water, triglycerides, and free fatty acids, escapes. This goes into the intercellular space. This reduces the volume of fat cells. The materials that have reached the intercellular space are transported by the lymphatic system, so it is advisable to combine the lipolaser treatment with a treatment that increases lymphatic circulation, which helps the fat to leave as soon as possible. It is important that only the fat cells are affected during the lipolaser treatment. We do not touch any other organ with it.

Combination with lipolaser therapy

Combined with the perseverance of those who want to lose weight, the effect can be enhanced! It is definitely recommended to perform the lipolaser consumption procedure in parallel with a treatment that stimulates the lymphatic system, which can be done by machine or manual therapy (lymphatic massage). The lymphatic massage I use is the better choice, since everyone has an individual physiology, and no machine can assess this, or customize the thematics of the treatment or stimulate the individual’s lymph nodes. During the treatment, 2-3 centimeters may occasionally “melt off” from the problematic body part (abdomen, hips, thighs, “riding breeches”, buttocks, or in the area of the upper arm).

Advantages of lipolaser treatment, other information

• safe and comfortable
• does not require intervention
• can be seen and felt after 3-4 sessions
• targeted fat breakdown anywhere
• painless
• has no side effects

Recommended treatment schedule: 2-3 times a week.
Duration of treatment: maximum 30 minutes.
Body areas that can be treated: hips and waist, abdomen, lower abdomen, back, buttocks and thighs, upper arms, knees and case.

Contraindications: pregnancy, breastfeeding, pacemaker, epilepsy, skin disease in the area to be treated, can be used 40 days after surgery, tumors, botox, kidney failure, metabolic problems, liver disease, immunodeficiency, taking medicine that weakens the immune system, metal implant in the area to be treated.